Window & Siding Construction Notes
Siding on the 4' high riser wall Dome Siding

Many dome designs feature short base walls. This results in savings on siding costs. The siding pictured here on the 20' dome is 6" wood grain Hardiplank fiber cement siding. The outside corners are 2x4 fir molding and the inside corners are custom cedar to accommodate the special angles. The perimeter vents are vinyl louvered vents which can be opened in the summer and closed in the winter. Due to the lack of building overhang, it is vital to seal all openings to prevent water damage. These vents have nailing flanges similar to the windows which can be tightly caulked.

35' Dome Siding and Windows

Except for the skylights, all of the windows were ordered locally. Seen here are the dining room extension and upper dormer with window treatment. Although aluminum windows were initially installed they were recently replaced with Milgard vinyl windows. This coupled with replacing the old bevel cedar siding with Hardiplank siding resulted in a 30% increase in energy savings!

Siding treatment on extension and dormer of 35' dia. dome

The dome in winter

One of the extensions to the 20' dome is shown in the foreground with the 35' diameter dome behind. This picture was taken showing the old cedar siding which had a different detail and trim.

Siding treatment on extension and dormer of 35' dia. dome
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