Sheathing Construction Notes
20' Dome Sheathing
The precut triangular sheathing plywood on the 20 dome was glued then stapled with 2-1/2 pneumatic staples. Today's building codes may preclude staples but they have more holding power than barbed nails. The intermediate triangles were left open to provide footing for sheathing the upper sections. Generally, start sheathing at the top and work down. A hand winch rigged to the rolling scaffolding was used to lift the 1/2" plywood triangles 24' up to the top of the 35' dia. 5/8ths dome.
At this point, the dome was completely open inside with no interior framing. The small triangles of foil covered 2 foam insulation (lower left picture) were installed before the sheathing was installed because of the tight fit from inside. The 20' dome (lower right) is shown covered with plastic as temporary protection prior to roofing. Also seen is the connecter framing between the two domes.
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