Roofing Construction Notes
This dome was roofed with 25 year fiberglass reinforced composition asphalt shingles. There was only a 5% wastage in roof material since the cutoff angle could usually be used on another edge! All of the courses were run on the level. All edges were started with a 9" wide layer of roll roofing. The layers were held back on the points to avoid a buildup of too many layers. All of the triangles were roofed 9" above the upper triangle lines and all down edges were set 3" overhanging the line. It took one fast man and one very slow man 3 weeks to complete this roofing job.

It has been an excellent roof which has not leaked in 22 years and has withstood 80 mph winds, flying tree branches, moss, raccoons and the cat. Admittedly, the edge is a bit worn where the cat leaps from the fence onto the roof. The areas of greatest deterioration are occurring on the flat roof while the dome roof is like new.

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