Interior Design
6' deep Front Entry Extension
The 35' Dome Living Room and Front entry.
The Dining Room Extension. This extension is 6' deep and 14' wide. The fir beams provide the post and beam support for the second floor.
A view of the
Upstairs Bedroom windows
overlooking the Living Room.
These are safety glass.
Staircase in 35' Dome. There is a airtight woodstove on the hearth to the right which is used during power outages. The main source of heating is an energy efficient forced air propane furnace.
The Upstairs Dormer
over the Dining Room. This is a quiet meditative spot overlooking the forest.
The Upstairs Dormer in Study with encased framing members was left open for light.
Sun Room Connector between the two domes. The other side is identical.
A View of the Kitchen as seen from the Dining Room. The counter on the other side of the breakfast bar is standard height with storage compartments under the bar.
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