Dome Kit:
What is included in the dome package?
    The package may the complete dome framing and sheathing materials with the patented hub connectors, the extension framing, base wall framing and sheathing and interior joist hangers, skylights, interior finish triangles, plans and engineers stamps.  Or, you may elect to order only the hub connectors and cutting plans for a do-it-yourself kit.


How are the framing struts held together?
There are welded steel "hubs" which are bolted unto each wood  strut.
How heavy are the framing members?
The longest board on a 45' dome is an 8' - 2 x 6.
How long does it take to frame a dome?
Typically, a 25' dome can be assembled by one person in a day.  A 45'  5/8ths dome may take two men several days.  The interior framing and extensions will take as long as a conventional home to complete.
Are there special tools or skills required to assemble a dome?
A framing hammer, a large center punch, a socket wrench...that's it! The rest of the construction jobs require the appriate tools such as foundation/cement work, conventional framing, roofing, drywall, plumbing, wiring, cabinetry and finish work.
How do you know what parts go where?
All of the pieces are color coded.  Red to red, white to white and blue to blue.  A child could do it and so can you.
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