Dormers and Connecter Construction Notes
dormer on 2nd floor of 35' dia dome
The window framing was sheathed over and later cut out when the windows were delivered, keeping the building secure from the weather. There are as many types of domers as there are homes. The design is only limited by your imagination. Be sure to provide adiquate overhangs for sun protection and water over the windows and especially the doors. This design was later modified with 16" eaves at the top.
Dome Connecter
The connection between domes was originally designed as a hall and storage closet. When the connecter was framed the space suggested a sunroom with skylights on each side. This was done as seen to the right. The seams between the sheathing were caulked with roofing tar since the roof would not be applied until the following spring. Except for a couple of leaks, it was watertight all winter!
Connector between two domes
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